Financial worries can sometimes have a very detrimental effect on people’s health and day to day lives, which is why at buffa, we are keen to help people minimise those worries and find a financial solution to ease whatever situation they may be facing.

Money Advice & support Services

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and believe you may benefit from speaking to agencies that offer free, independent debt advice, please see below the list of services available which may be suitable for you, depending upon your circumstances

Christians Against Poverty

If you are feeling weighed down by debt the friendly team at Christians Against Poverty will give you a listening ear in the privacy of your own home and provide real life solutions to your debts.

Since starting in 1996, they’ve helped thousands of people through their professional service offered by 296 nationwide CAP Debt Centres. Visit their website to find out more about their range of services in offer.

Telephone - 01274 760720

National Debtline

If you want to speak to someone and get debt advice or information on how to deal with debt problems but you’re happy to speak to creditors yourself, National Debtline can help. Visit their website whether you need help with budgeting, debt solutions or a free self-help information pack.

Telephone - 0808 808 4000

Citizens Advice Bureau

If you find yourself having serious financial difficulties and you want to speak to an advisor face to face, Citizens Advice Bureau can help. Visit their website to get advice on managing your money and budget planning.

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