We've Launched.

After 10 months of hard work, we’re proud to present Buffa as the new, black and white short-term lender to you, our new customers. That’s cause for celebration, but why? Stay tuned…

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How is buffa different?

16 January 2019

buffa is a brand new short term loan company dedicated to delivering speedy and effective short term financial support when our customers need it most.

So, what makes us different from other short-term loan companies?

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Saving money is hard, really hard, especially since spending money has never been easier. All it takes is a tap, swipe or click and before you know it, your hard-earned money is gone and it's not even payday yet.

This is where Kakeibo can help.

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It’s never too late, or too early to save for tomorrow.

The future… a magical place, where today's money worries will quite literally be a thing of the past. But is that even possible when there always seems to be a lot more month left than wage?

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