Taking out a payday loan shouldn’t negatively affect your credit score if you stick to your agreed payment plan and make all the necessary repayments on time.

By taking out a payday loan, the loan will appear on your credit report for other lenders and companies offering credit services to see, and if you make all of your repayments on time, this can have a positive impact on your overall credit score.

It’s important to remember though that each individual credit agency and every company offering credit services will take their own view of how to interpret an individual’s credit file. So, whilst repaying a loan on time and in good order can help you to build a good overall credit score, it is never a guarantee.

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Yes, there are a variety of direct payday lenders online, which enable you to apply for a loan online without having to make a telephone application or visit the lender at any point.

Online payday lenders are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); therefore, you should check that your direct payday lender is FCA approved before submitting your loan application.

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In personal finance, direct lender loans are loans in which money is lent to the borrower directly from the lender themselves, rather than going through a third-party or intermediary. This allows the borrower to avoid potential third-party loan brokerage fees and provides added confidentiality as the borrower’s details are not shared with any other companies during the loan application process.

A direct lender loan is ideal when your finance needs are time sensitive. With a direct lender like buffa, you can apply easily online and get a near instant indicative decision on your loan application, without the need for your details to be passed through or on to anyone else.

If your loan application is fully approved with a direct lender, there is also usually no waiting around for the loan to appear in your bank account, as money will be transferred within minutes of your application being completely accepted.

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If you’re visiting the Buffa website, the chances are you’re looking for a quick, safe solution to a financial emergency. Be it your car has broken down and you need some extra funds, or a household appliance has ceased-up and needs replacing as quickly as possible. For any reason such as these and many more besides, an Instant Cash Loan might be the answer. But what are some of the key advantages of an Instant Cash Loan with Buffa?

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With Spring just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about spring cleaning your home, but this attitude shouldn’t just be used for tidying up around the house!

Spring is the perfect time to reflect upon your current financial situation (perhaps you had set yourself some financial New Year’s resolutions earlier in the year) to see whether or not you can make any changes to your finances.

In the following article we have outlined five easy ways that you can take steps to spring clean your finances.

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