21 April 2020

If you’re visiting the Buffa website, the chances are you’re looking for a quick, safe solution to a financial emergency. Be it your car has broken down and you need some extra funds, or a household appliance has ceased-up and needs replacing as quickly as possible. For any reason such as these and many more besides, an Instant Cash Loan might be the answer. But what are some of the key advantages of an Instant Cash Loan with Buffa?

1. Near Instant Decisions

The first, and most obvious, advantage to getting an Instant Cash Loan, is that you will receive a near-instant decision on whether or not your application has been accepted. Some financial emergencies are time sensitive, and sometimes you simply don’t want to be left hanging to find out whether you are applicable for the solution you have in mind or not. With Buffa, you’ll get an instantaneous, indicative decision as to whether we could accept, reject or need to conduct further checks relating to your loan application.

2. Your Money Paid in Minutes

Once approved, we will transfer the requested amount of money into your account within a matter of minutes. With no unnecessary delays, or unexpected additional questions and checks, as soon as your loan is fully approved we provide you with swift and simple access to your money without making you jump through hoops.

3. Your Credit Score Considered

We believe that nobody should be held back by a bad or impaired credit history. We will consider all instant loan applications on their own individual merits and will always do our best to provide you with an instant loan, regardless of your credit history. What’s more, you can complete your application safe in the knowledge that it will not negatively affect your credit score. We’ll give you an initial decision with absolutely no obligation on your part and with no impact on your credit score.

4. Flexible Repayment Options

Because our instant cash loans are fully flexible and designed to suit your individual circumstances, you can repay our loans in the way that best suits you. If you want to make early repayments or overpayments against your loan to make savings on the overall interest charges, that’s just fine. Or if you prefer the certainty and routine of knowing how much you need to repay each time, on a fixed repayment date each month, that’s just fine too. With Buffa, our instant cash loans will always be tailored to your individual, financial needs, and will provide a range of flexible repayment options to do so.

That concludes this brief article covering some of the prime benefits and advantages of an Instant Cash Loan with Buffa. If you were interested in applying for a loan, you can read more on our Instant Cash Loans here. And for additional financial help, tips and advice, you can go back to the Buffa blog for more articles like this, or visit our Debt Advice Hub for specific articles on a vast range of topics, such as Budgeting, Debt Advice and more.

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