16 January 2019

buffa is a brand new short term loan company dedicated to delivering speedy and effective short term financial support when our customers need it most.

So, what makes us different from other short-term loan companies?

6 reasons to choose buffa for your short term loan

Representative 1,116% APR

You will still be considered with bad or impaired credit

Here at Buffa, we strongly feel that nobody should be restrained from living their life because of a bad or impaired credit history. That’s why we consider all loan applications, regardless of your credit history and treat each application as an individual case.

You get an instant loan decision

You won’t have to worry about endlessly waiting to hear back from us to discover whether you qualify for a buffa loan. We will give you an instant, indicative decision advising whether we accept, reject or need to conduct some further checks regarding your loan application.

You have flexible options to repay

Make repayments at a time that works for you with our flexible loans that are specifically designed to suit your individual needs without worrying about unfair charges or penalties. If you prefer to make early repayments or overpayments against your loan, you can do that too, with no extra fees or charges! Remember, paying early means you will pay less in interest.

You won't pay more than you thought: no hidden fees

We won’t make any attempt to try and catch you out if you choose to take out a buffa loan. We’re a black and white brand for a reason and we will always be honest and upfront with you regarding our loans. You’ll always know exactly how much you are expected to pay back and when before you agree to take out any loan with us.

Your application won’t impact your credit score

You won’t need to worry about your application having an impact on your credit score when completing your buffa loan application. You will receive an initial decision from us but there’s no obligation on your part and no impact whatsoever will be made to your credit score, unless you decide to proceed with the loan with us, in which case a record of the loan and your repayments will be recorded.

You’ll get your money in minutes

If you urgently need a loan, then fear not! Once your buffa loan application is approved, you will receive your money in just minutes. No extended delays or waiting around, just quick and hassle-free access to your loan in your bank account.

Getting money fast has never been simpler!

Here at buffa we understand how unpredictable life can be and the stress that nasty surprises such as an unexpected bill can cause. That’s why we’ve made the process of applying for a buffa loan simple, so you can get the money you need and relax knowing that you’re supported by our friendly UK based team.

So, how do you get a buffa short-term loan?

Complete our easy application

Let us know how much money you would like to borrow and how long you think you will need to repay it. We will need some information from you including contact details, bank details and income and expenses so that we can provide you with an instant indicative application decision.

Receive an immediate decision*

We won’t keep you waiting to find out if your loan application has been accepted or not or whether we will need to conduct a few more checks in order to give you a final decision. If we can offer you a loan at that stage then we will make it clear how much you can borrow, how much you will need to pay us back and by when.

You decide

After we have advised you whether we can offer you a loan, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to proceed. If you are ready to accept our offer or wish to allow us to complete some more checks before giving you a final decision, it’s just a button click away.

Receive money

Once you have decided to continue with a buffa loan offer, the money will be paid into your bank account within 5 minutes of being officially accepted.


We will be completely clear with you how much you are expected to repay and when by before agreeing to take out the loan with us. You’ll know precisely what your repayment schedule is, and how much you need pay to us at each repayment date, as well as how much you will be repaying to us in total.

We’re ready to support you

If you need some cash in a hurry, look no further than buffa! We pride ourselves on being a friendly, understanding team who could offer you the loan you need.

We’re here to help so if you have any queries, simply call, email or pop us a message through our site via our Contact Us page.

Phone: 01926 298410

Email: team@buffa.co.uk

Upon receipt of your completed loan application, we will provide you with an instant indicative decision advising whether we accept, reject or need to conduct further checks relating to your application in order to give you a final loan application decision.

We will, upon receipt of your fully completed loan application, provide you with an indicative loan application decision which will have no impact on your credit profile. At the point where our decision is presented to you, will be able to choose to proceed with our loan offer which will allow us to conduct any required further checks. By proceeding, you will be agreeing to a full credit check being performed against your profile and a subsequent record of this will be made against your credit file.

Once your loan application has been completed and has been have fully approved, your loan will be paid directly into your account within an average timeframe of 5 minutes. Loan payments are sent by the UK "Faster Payments" system and may take up to two hours. All major UK banks accept "Faster Payments", but if your bank does not, payments could take up to 1 working day to arrive.