08 July 2020

The need for a short term loan can spring up from out of nowhere, and if you aren’t prepared to deal with these types of unexpected financial emergencies, then you may find yourself looking for a same day loan. A same day loan is exactly what it sounds like; a loan that gets you the funds you need the same day as your application. In the following article we will outline how our same day loans work and what the application process looks like.

1. Getting Started

To start the process of getting a same day loan, you should first ensure that you meet the criteria to qualify to apply for one of our loans. These points are fairly easy and straightforward to follow.

First of all, you must be over 18 years of age, and currently be living in the UK. As well as this, you should have a regular income and access to a UK bank account in your own name, with a debit card facility associated to the account. You’ll also need to have a mobile telephone number and active email address that you can provide as part of your application process as well. If you can fulfil all of these points, then you are ready to start your online application.

2. Crunching the Numbers

The next step is deciding how much you want to borrow on your same day loan, and when you’re going to pay it back. You can borrow from £100 to £1,000 with a buffa same day loan, which can be paid back within three to six months – the amount of time that you wish to take out the loan for will of course depend on your individual circumstances and what you feel comfortable with. You can use our loan calculator here to work out how much you will need to repay each month for your chosen loan amount, and what the total amount owed will be.

3. Complete our Online Application

Once you’ve worked out all of the numbers, you need to complete our simple online application. Within this application you will need to provide us with a few more details, including your current income and employment details, your bank details and any other ongoing outgoing payments and expenses you may have. We keep our application process easy to follow, straightforward and we won’t spring any sudden requirements or additional checks on you.

4. Make an Instant Decision

This is where the magic of our same day loans comes in; upon completing our online application, we will begin reviewing it immediately, and you can usually expect to hear back from us within just five minutes of your application being submitted. So, whether you’ve been accepted for your loan, unfortunately declined or if we need you to give us a bit more information about your application, you’ll know straight away what’s happening.

5. Receiving your Funds

If your application was successful and you choose to proceed with our offer of a loan, then you will see the money from your same day loan within your account within a matter of minutes.

We don’t want to beat around the bush with our same day loans - the whole point of them is to bring you the emergency funds you need as quickly as possible, so we won’t put any unnecessary roadblocks in the way of you getting your money into your bank account.

That concludes this short blog article on how our same day loans work, and what you can expect from the application process. You can learn more about our Same Day Loans here, and if you’re in need of any additional financial guidance, you can read our Debt Advice Hub, with information on How to Budget, How to Prepare for Debt Advice and more.

Representative APR: 1,116%