17 January 2019

We've Launched.

After 10 months of hard work, we’re proud to present Buffa as the new, black and white short-term lender to you, our new customers. That’s cause for celebration, but why? Stay tuned…

So, who are buffa?

Buffa is a short-term loan company designed to shake-up the industry and provide a genuine difference to our customers. Buffa lets you get access to quick cash within 5 minutes of an approved loan application. An easy, online application makes it simple for you to get money when you need it most for anything, whether a repair that needs taking care of in the home, an unexpected bill, or an urgent event that you really can’t miss. Life is full of surprises. Buffa is here to support you when you need access to some money quickly and simply.

We pledge to:

  • Treat you and every customer with the respect you deserve
  • Look at each loan application as an individual case.
  • Make sure you and every customer know exactly what to expect from us and exactly what we expect from them in terms of their application and repayments.

We strongly believe that taking out a loan should be simple and straightforward – and we won’t try and catch you out with any hidden fees. Our loans and all our dealing with you as a customer are plain and simple, black and white. That’s what we’re a black and white brand.

Why are we here?

For too long, loan companies have had a bad reputation, and in some cases that has been deservedly so. We’re here to show you that not all loan companies are alike, that we’re different and we will work to be continuously better. We pride ourselves in being black and white with everything that we do so that our customers are able to enjoy their lives with the comfort of knowing we are here to support them when they need us most.

What are we all about?

We are an understanding team of short-term loan industry experts and having been both customers and employees of some of the leading short-term loan companies in the UK, we have the knowledge and ability to offer our customers effective financial support based on a wealth of understanding. Our founders were once payday loan customers themselves, so we’ve seen the good and the bad the industry has to offer, and we’re committed to putting that experience to the best possible use for the benefit of our customers.

We are different to other short term loan companies because we offer our customers a service that treats them as individuals in a no-frills manner, providing them with clear and simple terms which offer the flexibility and the freedom to repay their loans in a way that best suits their personal situation.

Our intentions are not and never will be to make anyone’s personal financial situation more difficult. We are committed to lending money responsibly.

We’re here to help

Our UK customer service team are here to talk you through any queries or concerns you may have, whether your preference is to call, email or pop us a message through our website via our Contact Us page, and buffa loan customers can access their online account with us 24 hours a day.

So, whatever the cause or occasion, if you need access to a short term buffa for your finances, we’re here to support you.

Phone: 01926 298410

Email: team@buffa.co.uk

Once your loan application has been completed and has been have fully approved, your loan will be paid directly into your account within an average timeframe of 5 minutes. Loan payments are sent by the UK "Faster Payments" system and may take up to two hours. All major UK banks accept "Faster Payments", but if your bank does not, payments could take up to 1 working day to arrive.