10 February 2020

When it comes to trying to save money, one of the most common areas many people look to is their energy supplier. More specifically, is there an opportunity to save additional money on bills for gas and electricity. and could you be better off with a completely different energy supplier. Equally however, there are also many people that don’t properly explore this as a way to save money, due to it being thought of as a difficult and long-winded process.

The reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. So in this blog we’ll go over a few of the biggest and best reasons to look for a new energy supplier and how the process can save you lots of money on your future energy bills.

1. It Will Save you Money

The biggest, and most obvious reason you should be looking for a new energy supplier, is the simple fact that it can easily save you money, without you expending much effort at all. Many people may make the argument that they are happy with their current energy provider, and they see no reason to make a change. But by spending a little time looking for an alternative, using energy comparison sites like UKPower which allow you to compare energy deals, you might discover that you could potentially save as much as £400 a year simply by switching your energy provider.

Running an energy supplier comparison on sites such as UKPower can easily help you to identify a new energy provider, which can bring you significant annual saving on energy bills. Not a bad trade-off for a few minutes of your time doing some research online!

2. Going Green

Another great reason to switch your gas and electricity supplier, is to switch to a greener energy deal and do your part for the environment. Today, it’s easier than ever to find an energy supplier offering 100% green electricity, with three of the “Big Six” UK energy suppliers (British Gas, npower and E-on) among those now offering this option.

Finding a greener energy supplier is just as easy as finding a cheaper alternative, and you’ll probably find that you can do both. By simply spending a few minutes of your day on energy comparison sites, such as UKPower, you can find a greener and cheaper energy supplier and an initial quote, so you can save the environment as well as saving some money!

3. Better Customer Service

As well as the possibility of finding a cheaper alternative, and a more environmentally friendly one too, you might be interested in swapping energy provider due to an unsatisfactory level of customer service. If you’ve experienced poor customer service with your energy supplier, anything from inaccurate bills and problems with repayment meters, to being impossible to contact or refusing to return credit refunds, you shouldn’t need much encouragement to get out there and start looking for a new provider. Especially with the prospect of finding a cheaper, greener deal for yourself thrown in too!

4. Your Fixed Deal is Ending

Another important prompt for you to have a look at alternative energy providers, is because your fixed deal with your current energy provider might be ending soon. Fixed tariffs with energy suppliers usually last for around one to two years, and when your fixed deal ends, you will automatically be placed on your energy firms default or standard tariff.

Since it’s highly likely that the standard tariff of your existing energy supplier will be more expensive than your previous fixed deal, you’d be better off looking around for a new supplier, to avoid falling into a deal that will make you worse off financially. As previously discussed, finding cheaper alternatives to your current energy supplier is a fairly straightforward process, so if you’re aware that your current deal is running out, now would be a good time to start searching for an alternative.

5. It’s Easy, Quick and Free to change your energy supplier

We’ll finish this article by addressing one of the most common misconceptions about changing energy suppliers: namely, that it’s a long, drawn out process, and that you’re better off just saving your time and sticking with your current supplier. But in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Too many people out there believe that the cost of their time when searching for a new energy supplier outweighs any financial savings or benefits from the process.

The truth however is, you can find an alternative energy supplier to use; that is cheaper, greener and better reviewed, simply by investing a few minutes of your time on any of the energy supplier comparison sites out there. All you need is a copy of your most recent energy bill, with details like your current supplier, the tariff you’re currently on and your recent energy usage information, to start the process. From there, you just need to supply your details to the comparison site and start shopping for your new supplier!

That concludes this blog article on five of the key reasons you might be looking for a new energy supplier, and why you should always be on the lookout for a better deal. For additional financial help, tips and advice, you can go back to the Buffa blog for more articles like this, or visit our Debt Advice Hub for specific articles on a vast range of topics, such as Budgeting, Debt Advice and more.