About us

At buffa, we offer short term loans in black and white. This means you know exactly what you can expect from us, and exactly what we expect from you in terms of your loan application and repayments. We’ll always strive to meet the requirements of all of you, our customers, and will look at each loan application on a case by case basis.

We passionately believe that better choice when it comes to short-term loans is paramount. We’re here to shake-up the market and offer simple, clear and fair access to credit- to allow you as our customer to live a happy day-to-day life.

buffa is a member of the Consumer Finance Association (CFA).

Representative 1,127% APR.

How we’re different

It's time for a change. Short term loan companies have given themselves a bad name. We created buffa to offer something different. We’re here to offer our customers a service that treats them like adults, provides clear and simple-to-understand terms and which offers them the flexibility and freedom to pay back their loans on their terms.

We’re committed to lending responsibly and won’t offer a loan to those applicants who we feel can’t make the necessary repayments. We’ve no desire to worsen anybody’s personal financial situation, but we will of course offer support and useful financial information to all our customers.

We're not just here to be different, we're here to be continuously better for our customers.

Our story

buffa was created by short term loan customers who weren't happy with how other lenders had treated them. Instead of complaining about it, they launched buffa to bring their ideas of what could be better into action. The buffa team have studied and worked at some of the biggest short-term loan companies in the UK, and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The owners of buffa, Tom Parks and Shreiff Benaziza, were friends growing up in Hemel Hempstead, before Shreiff had a bad experience with a Wonga loan whilst studying at university. They are the team behind Smart-Pig.com – the short-term lender for university students. They’re now ready to take their experience and expertise to the wider market with buffa. Having closely analysed the UK short term loans market for many years, we’re perfectly positioned to offer customers a truly outstanding new short-term loans experience.

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