Short term loans that are short term

Sometimes, life throws unexpected costs your way, and that’s when a short term loan can help you to keep things in balance. A short term loan is exactly that, a loan which you repay in a short amount of time. Buffa lets you borrow up to £750 and repay it in up to 6 monthly instalments.

So, if you’re a few weeks from payday and your car breaks down, or an unexpected bill comes through your letterbox, a buffa loan is an ideal solution. Short term loans are ideal for people who need to borrow a relatively small amount of money over a short period of time.

For people with a poor or impaired credit rating and limited access to other forms of credit, a short term loan can be the ideal solution to get over life’s humps and bumps. For others, a short time loan may be the preferred option to possibly having to pay fees or penalties for missed bill payments.

Buffa is a black and white brand for a sector that needs to be just that. We are here to shake up payday loans and give small loans a good name. We're not just here to be different, we're here to be continuously better for our customers. We really do believe in short term loans, that are short term.